Presumptive PTSD Working Group

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The Schedule 2 Employers’ Group (S2EG), in partnership with the WSIB, will be chairing a “Presumptive PTSD Working Group” in 2019.

As you will see from the Terms of Reference, the purpose of the S2EG/WSIB PTSD Working Group is to provide a forum to mutually discuss practices, build learning opportunities for both parties arising from this discussion and, to lead to and facilitate education amongst employers, the goal of which is to improve recovery and return to work outcomes for workers with the accident employer.

If you are interested in participating in the S2EG/WSIB PTSD Working Group, please email no later than December 5thPlease be advised that the initial working group will be limited to 12-15 participants, but may be increased over the course of the year.

In your email please respond to the following:

  • Are you a Schedule 2 employer?
  • Do you have direct experience managing presumptive PTSD claims?
  • What occupations are covered by the presumption in your organization?
  • What is your role within your organization?
  • Will you be able to participate in the working group by attending in person meetings in Toronto?

Following the December 5th deadline, an email will be sent with the 2019 meeting dates to those participants who meet the aforementioned criteria and have been selected for the initial employer delegation.

The Schedule 2 Employers Group asks that employers limit their suggestions for participation in the working group by identifying one representative per employer when possible.  For larger organizations, an additional representative may be able to participate as a resource person if required.