Presumptive PTSD Working Group

    The Schedule 2 Employers' Group (S2EG), in partnership with the WSIB, will be chairing a “Presumptive PTSD Working Group” in 2019.

    As you will see from the Terms of Reference, the purpose of the S2EG/WSIB PTSD Working Group is to provide a forum to mutually discuss practices, build learning opportunities for both parties arising from this discussion and, to lead to and facilitate education amongst employers, the goal of which is to improve recovery and return to work outcomes for workers with the accident employer.

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    Health & Safety Workwell Evaluations

    We want to keep you informed of some initiatives that the WSIB is undertaking with respect to Health & Safety. As some of you know the WSIB began approaching a few Schedule 2 Employers earlier this year offering to conduct Workwell evaluations with an emphasis on the prevention of Noise Induced Hearing loss claims. To date we are not aware of any Schedule 2 firms that have actually agreed to participate in a Workwell evaluation with the WSIB.

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    Bill 163 Submission

    The Liberal Government has come out in favour of making substantive changes to the way the WSIB adjudicates claims for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for first responders. Members of the Schedule 2 Employers’ Group Executive felt that it was important to raise some concerns with the Government with respect to their intended approach to the issues under review and to request a meeting with the Minister. Given the speed with which the Government seems to want to move forward with this issue, the S2EG Executive felt it was important to put together a submission as quickly as possible.

    Attached is a copy of Bill 163 and our preliminary written submission to the Minister .

    The Executive welcomes your feedback and suggestions as we attempt to arrange a meeting with the Minister and begin discussions with him and his staff.

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    Bill 109 Submission

    On behalf of the Schedule 2 Employers’ Group, we would like to take this opportunity to comment specifically on the portion of Bill 109 that amends the Workplace Safety Insurance Act, 1997, (“WSIA”) and in particular the addition of section 48.1.

    Attached is a complete copy of our written submission to the Clerk of the Committee regarding this Bill.

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    Value for Money Audit

    The WSIB has retained the services of Ernst & Young, Auditors to do a Value for Money Audit on WSIB Schedule 2 services and operations at the WSIB. The time frame for this audit is extremely short with a target date for a draft report at the end of August and a final report to the WSIB Board of Directors by early October. Ernst & Young will be contacting individual Schedule 2 Employers to schedule an interview or to participate in a survey. The Schedule 2 executive will be meeting with the auditors tomorrow to have some discussions and to answer their questions. The Schedule 2 executive is concerned that the audit is too rushed and that the auditors may not have received an adequate briefing on Schedule 2 and the issues. We will aim to provide the auditors with a better understanding of all the issues of concern to Schedule 2 employers. We also plan to provide them with more background documents and a paper to support the interests of Schedule 2 employers.

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