Health & Safety Workwell Evaluations

We want to keep you informed of some initiatives that the WSIB is undertaking with respect to Health & Safety. As some of you know the WSIB began approaching a few Schedule 2 Employers earlier this year offering to conduct Workwell evaluations with an emphasis on the prevention of Noise Induced Hearing loss claims. To date we are not aware of any Schedule 2 firms that have actually agreed to participate in a Workwell evaluation with the WSIB. The WSIB is in the process of increasing their staff of Workwell evaluators in anticipation of conducting evaluations starting in 2017 with Schedule 1 employers and perhaps some Schedule 2 employers. The WSIB has indicated that the Workwell evaluations for 2017 will be quite different from those conducted some years ago. Any Workwell evaluations done now will be voluntary and there will be no surcharges issued if an organization does not do well on the evaluation.  The objective is to identify gaps in an employer’s Health & Safety program with the hope that this will lead the employer to take measures to reduce accident frequency and severity and enhance their RTW results. RTW is an area of particular interest to the WSIB with the new Workwell evaluations. If you would like more information on the WSIB’s Workwell Program then you could contact Mr. Martin Robert, Manager Workwell Program, Workplace Health & Safety Services Division at 416-344-3493 or

The WSIB is also looking to develop a Health & Safety Index as a measure of leading Health & Safety indicators for the province of Ontario. The goal of the index is to:

  • “Assess the health and safety system’s success at improving outcomes for workers and employers;
  • Act as a call to action for system partners to improve performance
  • Support crucial health and safety conversations between partners; and
  • Potentially allow for pan-Canadian comparison.”

This Power Point presentation provides some more details on what the WSIB is looking to measure in surveys of people employed in Ontario. The plan is to survey 1,600 people each year. There will be weighting of the answers provided on topics related to “prevention, worker empowerment, workplace culture, enforcement and injuries”. This is a work in process and it is unclear when the WSIB will publish their first Health & Safety index results.

We will keep you informed of further information as it becomes available and should you have any questions please direct them to Thank you.