Who Are Schedule 2 Employers?

In Schedule 2 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act there is a list of the types of employers that are permitted to self-insure the cost of their WSIB claims. The list of employers eligible to be in Schedule 2 include:

  • Firms funded by public funds (from the federal, provincial and/or municipal governments)
  • Firms legislated by the province but self-funded
  • A number of other firms who are privately owned but involved in federally regulated industries such as telephone, airline, shipping and railway

The purpose of the Schedule 2 Employers’ Group is to:

  1. Provide a forum for communication and exchange of information regarding workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety;
  2. Provide opportunities for the professional development of its members;
  3. Present an annual not for profit conference on workers’ compensation, disability management and related topics;
  4. Review legislation and policy initiatives of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and related agencies;
  5. Present the position of the Employers’ Group to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and government agencies, and
  6. Co-operate and participate with appropriate agencies or groups when the Employers’ Group deems it suitable or necessary.

While our events and activities are geared primarily toward Schedule 2 employers, Schedule 1 employers may also find our programs relevant to them, and are welcome to participate.

Group History

The Schedule 2 Employers’s Group was established in 1989 to provide a forum for discussion of issues related to workers’ compensation and to organize a conference to assist health and safety and disability management professionals expand their knowledge and understanding of issues impacting employers that were self-insuring the costs of their WSIB claims.

2019 Executive Committee


Laura Russell
Partner, CompClaim, A Consulting Practice of Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark

Vice Chair:

Christopher James
Lawyer & WSIB Department Leader
School Board’s Co-operative Inc.

Past Chair:

Brian Brown
CEO, School Boards’ Co-operative Inc.


Donald Doran
Ministry of Government Services

Program Director:

Georgia Katsiapis
Senior HR Consultant
City of Toronto

Consultation Co-ordinator:

Lou Smargiassi
Special Advisor, Workers’ Compensation Appeals
Air Canada